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A completely unique ancient, sacred site of mysterious origins, on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire. Stonehenge is managed by English Heritage. There are 4 annual managed open access dates, when members of the public (mostly pagans) can go right inside the stone circle to see the sun rise.

The well known one is Summer Solstice, when the henge is open all night, and EH hire a nearby field for car parking for the thousands of revellers. However less well known is that the stones are open for sunrise on the Equinoxes and Winter Solstice as well. No official car parking is provided, as opening the car park would cause insurance problems for English Heritage, but there is a drove where visitors can park and camp. It is worth getting there early or camping overnight as space on the drove is limited.

Each winter solstice or equinox the stones are opened as soon as it gets light enough to be safe, about 20 minutes before sunrise. There is usually a ritual led by druids such as Rollo Maughling, King Arthur Pendragon or the Dolmen, and there is ample time for looking around, touching and communing with the stones, and photography before the site is closed to get ready for the tourists, about an hour after sunrise. I will keep the latest open access dates on this page, and add photos we have taken at open access times and druid rituals attended in the last few years.