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Spring Equinox - Glastonbury & Avebury

Sun, 08/03/2015 - 13:05 -- Anonymous (not verified)

A busy weekend coming up at the Equinox with two rituals taking place - in Glastonbury and at Avebury. I hope you can all come along to at least one.

 For the Glastonbury Rite of Spring we are looking for someone to step up as the Horned God - He who must be awoken, not with sticks, as some have tried in the past , but with music, poetry and dance. It would be particularly brilliant if any owners of antlers and horns would bring them along and participate in the Dance of Awakening. Drums are also welcome. We are holding a planning meeting in Becket's on Glastonbury High St next Weds 11th at 7-30. If you can't make the meeting but would still like to actively participate in the ritual please phone me 01458 835518  or send an email. Cinnamon Lane is almost opp Chalice Well whose postcode is BA6 8DD. Glastonbury under the Stars Pagan GatheringRITE OF SPRINGFriday 20th March, 6.30pm, in the field off Cinnamon Lane, Glastonbury, On the day of the Solar Eclipse and the night of the Dark MoonCERNUNNOS AWAKES!The Goddess & the Horned God lead us in the dance of life THE GORSEDD OF THE BARDS OF CAER ABIRIALBAN EILIR SPRING RITESunday 22nd March. Muster is at Noon outside the cafe in Avebury.Offerings and prayers will first be made to the Guardian Spirit of Avebury (Lady of the Bones) before entering the circle. Initiation into the Company of Bards of the Isles of Britain will be offered.Please bring drums, antlers, songs, etc Awaken within yourselves the vibrant spirit of Cernunnos. BE THE AWEN /I\