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CraftWheel Wicca Study Group (nr. Gloucester)

Do you want to explore the path of initiatory Wicca?

Have you read the books and would now like to meet with others to discuss and share ideas? CraftWheel is a study group led by experienced coven leaders, and meets monthly to explore aspects of Wicca and the spirituality of the Land.

Those seeking initiation into the Craft will find that attending a year's cycle of these workshops will give them a good basis upon which to make a decision about whether the initiatory path of Wicca and belonging to a coven is right for them. Those who simply want to find out more about Wicca will likewise find much of interest.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Weaver at telling us a little about your interest in Wicca.


The Coven of the Sacred Wheel

We are Lyn and Mike Brandwood and run an Alexandrian development Coven in Calne Wiltshire.
Initiated by Sandy Brock and Steve in Blackpool on the 20th August 1988. We were Sandy’s first initiates after she hived off from Janet and Stuart Farrar. We trained under Sandy for 5 years before hiving off ourselves at 3rd degree and since then have run development covens in Lancaster, Northampton and now Calne.

We run a small coven and have room for the serious new starter as well as experienced travellers.
We worship and honour the Lady and the Lord at closed circles every fortnight, normally on Friday nights. Also running open rituals at the 8 festivals throughout the year.

With close working contact with covens throughout the U.K. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and Holland we have a lot of varied experience to help people develop their true potential.
If this interests you further then please contact us at or ring 01249814737.

We can also help with Handfastings, naming ceremonies etc. expenses only and or donation to the P.F.


The Cauldron of Cerridwen

The Cauldron of Cerridwen is an established Wiccan tradition drawing on elements of traditional Wicca from a variety of sources, but not claiming any allegience to more established traditions. We seek to make Wicca a relevant and practical system for the 21st Century and beyond.

We are opening a new coven in the Upavon area and are currently accepting enquiries from mature men and women who perhaps, but not necessarilym have spent some time studying anf working either as solitaries or in small informal groups, circles and covens. We expect prospective members to have some experience of life, not be afraid of hard study and hard work, and to be able to bring with them a sense of humour.

For an informal chat and further information call Sian on 07746 365980 or email