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Much has been written of the magical, spiritual Isle of Avalon in the heart of Somerset. I don't want to repeat what everyone else has already said, so instead I'll put some information and links to pagan organisations in Glastonbury, and photos of the Tor and other sites.

Glastonbury Tor

The dominant feature of the Glastonbury landscape, the tor is topped by the ruined tower of an early Christian church.

Goddess Temple

The Goddess temple is a beautiful indoor space devoted to the Goddess and feminine spirituality.

Chalice Well Gardens

A beautiful, peaceful, and spiritual garden at the foot of the Tor. The Chalice Well is the red spring of Glastonbury because of the iron in the water, which gives it a reddish tinge.


There are many pagan and spiritually orientated shops in Glastonbury, selling books, clothes, crystals, wands, cauldrons ...  including Witchcraft Ltd, The Cat & Cauldron, Man, Myth and Magick, The Speaking Tree, The Goddess nd the Green Man, Lilith ... etc. There are also ethical shops selling hemp goods, organic clothing etc.